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About Us

         I started making bath bombs because I find the only time I can get to be by myself and relax is in a bath (well most of the time, if I don't get interrupted... haha).I am a proud mom of two little girls. (Kyra & Fraya)
Whenever I am cold and in need of a sweater, my restless leg syndrome kicks in, or I am stressed, sad or simply want to sit alone with just me and my thoughts; I have one course of action... I run myself a bath.

As my oldest daughter got older she enjoyed baths just as much as me  We have tried several other bath products from various sources that had little to no effect. Nonetheless, she always got excited to have a bath just like her mommy.

We started making our own bath bombs hoping to make something that was luxurious, cute, fun, and bubbly. We're still always looking for ways to improve but I love what we have created so far and it seems like everyone else does too. Our ideas are endless and we are excitedly preparing for many months of releases to come.

We hope you, your little one, your fairy'd, or that special person in your life enjoys our Lovely & Bubbly product.

Stay Lovely everyone!

*Proud Canadian handcrafted business located in Nepean*

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