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Halloween Traditions

Halloween Traditions


In 2020 we all thought outside of the box and created new traditions to get through the pandemic. A few I remember were: 

  • Halloween pinatas 
  • Treasure hunts in the dark 
  • Boo grams (dropping candy bags for neighbors) 
  • Halloween sensory activities 

This year as we go back to normal in most parts I am excited for trick or treating. There are some pre-pandemic traditions that I think we can be apart of. 

Trick - or - Treat 

Mini bath bombs could be a kool give as they are allergy friendly and unique. If you are planning on giving mini's please make sure to put a do not eat sticker on them. 

Sensory Bins

Fairy dust is perfect for sensory bins. You can add a few creepy items and pour a little water and watch it foam while they dig for their treasures. 

Finishing the evening

Each year Halloween is quiet cold and weather is a muck. After digging in the candy bags. A nice hot bath with perhaps a Gremlin would end the night in a warm bliss. 


I personally love Halloween I can't wait to see all the decorations. We would love to hear what your plans are and if you are keeping any of last years traditions.